Thousands of copies of Unconventional Classroom Management have been sold world wide and a newly released, second edition, is now available with even more methods of curbing misconduct and running a smoothly operated classroom. The average teacher will only stay in the profession for a few short years. One of the leading causes for teachers leaving the classroom is due to poor classroom management. Traditional classroom management models have been taught for decades in universities across America. In today's modern classroom, teachers need additional resources and techniques on classroom management that go beyond the typical textbook theories. This book delivers unique techniques that have been utilized by the authors, and the techniques have been proven to create a classroom climate that's conducive to learning, free of stress, and filled with fun. The authors both have several years of teaching experience in rural and urban school settings. If you're a veteran teacher, looking for new and refreshing perspectives on classroom management, look no further. If you're a struggling new teacher, this book just may be your saving grace.

Unconventional Classroom Mangement Book

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