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Traditional classroom management models have been taught for decades in universities across America. In today's modern classroom, teachers need additional resources and techniques on classroom management that go beyond the typical textbook theories. This book delivers unique techniques that have been utilized by the authors, and the techniques have been proven to create a classroom climate that's conducive to learning, free of stress, and filled with fun. The authors both have several years of teaching experience in rural and urban school settings. If you're a veteran teacher, looking for new and refreshing perspectives on classroom management, look no further. If you're a struggling new teacher, this book just may be your saving grace.



In every classroom, teachers struggle with having enough time to cover all of the state mandated standards. If they do too many hands-on activities, then there’s not enough time for the lectures. If they do too many lectures, then they’re at risk of losing the students’ attention. With the new and radical idea of Flipping the Classroom, this problem is solved once and for all. Students, parents, and teachers unite behind an idea that has proven results on student motivation as well as state testing. This book contains a step-by-step guide on how to flip your classroom and provides unique teaching techniques to make any classroom better suited for the learners of the new generation. So get ready to change everything you know about how your classroom works and become a pioneer of the latest revolution in teaching.



In an effort to enhance student engagement, motivation, and real world relevancy - blended learning offers a differentiated instructional platform that enables teachers to help students reach their full academic potential. The framework for blended learning includes the traditional face-to-face, direct instruction style of learning, infused with internet/app based technology. When the two types of teaching methodologies are combined, you're left with a powerful pedagogical technique that brings a student's learning experience to a whole new level. This book encapsulates the tools and resources necessary to quickly get your blended learning classroom up and running to the speeds of 21st century learners.

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